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Clean Clothes Campaign



Clean Clothes Campaign

The FFI Facts

Absence of a letter of employment to all employees


All employees recruited are given letters of appointment and ID cards within 24 hours of joining the company

No provision of identity cards to many of the employees


All employees have identity cards (provided within 24 hours of their joining) and cannot enter the manufacturing facilities until they swipe their identity cards

Non payment of overtime payment for overtime work


Since FFI works three full shifts, there is no questions of workers working overtime and therefore the question of overtime does not arise. However, if such a need does arise, employees are paid double the per hour/per day wage

No provision of leave with wages book to all employees


All employees are eligible to 30 days of paid leave a year. Every employee is given a employee handbook

No creche, rest room and canteen facilities covering all employees


FFI has crèches, canteens and rest rooms at all its facilities. Free food is provided to over 5,500 employees everyday. The canteens are staffed by 80 employees, including 35 cooks. There are 12 nurses who work three shifts and 2 doctors. There is a Canteen Committee constituted by employees and the Canteen was set up in the year 2000

Harassment of workers including in particular severe physical harassment of workers in the washing unit


Unsubstantiated and unjustified , All the audits and investigations done till date has proven that this is a baseless allegation. There has been no complains loged by our workers to either the police and


The following are just some of the committees elected by workers to address worker-related issues:

- Health and Safety Committee

- Sexual Harassment Redressal Committee

- Works cum Grievance Committee


The names and pictures of each of the representatives are put up at prominent places for easy identification and transparency


The committees are trained by the Ex Director of Factories and Boilers and meetings are held under his Chairmanship


Female welfare officers and coordinators look into issues of female employees


Each unit has its own personal officer in each shift with his assistants also


Absence of proper safety measures especially in the washing unit


As mentioned above, there is a Health & Safety Committee constituted by employees to address their requirements

Arbitrary termination of the services of workers without following the due legal process


As a socially responsible company, we operate within the standard industry norms of appointment and termination and these allegations are untrue