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Fibres & Fabrics International Pvt Ltd

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Press Release.  31.01.08


Case Closed

Clean Clothes Campaign closes campaign.

FFI / JKPL to start the process of case withdrawal.


Press Release of Mr Ruud Lubbers , Minister of State ,former Prime Minister of Netherland and Architect of the mediation

              We thank Mr. Ruud Lubbers, Minister of State and Former Prime Minister of Netherland and his team for resolving this conflict. A conflict that could have lead to the arrests and conviction of the Dutch NGO’s. Fibres and Fabrics international and its subsidiary Jean Knit Pvt Ltd (FFI/JKPL) is pleased that this situation has been avoided and system of resolution set up.FFI encourages the new system of conflict resolution. This new system will function within the frame work of laws in India.

           Now that the campaign is closed FFI will structurally start the process of withdrawal of the legal cases.

           Due the disputed content on the website of the Clean Clothes campaigns (CCC ) website ,FFI had filed legal cases against all the people involved in the spread of this information. For the first time in history CCC has provided the public a link to FFI’s website via a mutual agreement reached so that the “Other Side “ of the story could be publicly available in recognition of the “Truth”

           Fibres & Fabrics International would like now to present to the consumers , Manufactures and all interested parties that there is and was another side to this. FFI in its archive section has a complete list of documents, Court orders and Audit reports. These credible documents show in many ways why FFI disputed the contents and referred to the web pages as “False and Baseless”.  More documents will be put up as soon as they get declassified.

           Fibres & Fabrics encourages other manufactures, suppliers to contact us for any suggestion / information / documents or material in regards this case