Fibres & Fabrics International Pvt Ltd

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development for continual improvement

Employee Benefits


Other than the all the Statutory benefits defined under the law FFI provides the following not  mandated by law and as additional benefits to our workmen

· Free food—hygienically cooked with in-house cooks and canteen

· Free transportation to its employees—FFI has its own fleet of busses

· Free medical benefits other than that given by that of the government

· Free Insurance benefits other than that given by the government

· By yearly health checkup.

· CSR Policies based on the SA8000:2001 Standards.

Team Building

· FFI has 15 cricket teams—we encourage inter unit and inter company cricket matches.


· FFI’s Laundry is the first of its kind in India that RECYCLES 60% of the water  - Save water , Save the planet

· All factories units are designed for rainwater harvesting.

· All chemicals are imported from Europe and are fully Bio-degradable.